Worldwide Aircraft Storage Protection (WASP)

Assistance with Aircraft / Engine Storage Programme Management. Don’t get stung!

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  • ATR
  • Boeing
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Worldwide Aircraft Storage Protection (WASP)


Eirtech can help Aircraft  / Engine Owners, Airlines, MRO’s and Service Providers to protect the long-term value of their asset both immediately and in the future by reviewing and advising on storage programmes currently being implemented by airlines.

Knowledge of, and correct application of OEM storage and preservation programmes is critical for asset value retention and warranty validation. 

However, there is a strict process for placing aircraft properly into storage. In some cases, companies operating or responsible for aircraft may not have the required experience to properly store the aircraft.

Our team of Technical experts combining CAMO input with Records and Aircraft Structures experts will review the current aircraft / engine storage programme and provide a detailed actionable report on the suitability of the current programme versus OEM advised storage and preservation programmes.



  • Remote audit of Aircraft Maintenance Manuals and storage programme.

  • Input from Eirtech Technical and CAMO experts.

  • Consultation webex / call with Eirtech expert team.

  • Physical inspection / audit of aircraft (where possible due to travel and access restrictions globally).

  • Detailed and actionable report analysing the storage programme currently being implemented.

  • Any areas of concern will be clearly highlighted to allow you to take immediate action to address accordingly.

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Technical Specifications

  • Incorrectly stored aircraft may negatively impact the long-term value of the aircraft / engine.

  • Warranties may be invalidated if the aircraft / engine is not stored per OEM requirements.

  • Avoid unnecessary expense during reactivation of aircraft / engine due to incorrect storage procedures. For example; OEM consultation, Exemption Approvals, Shop Visits etc.

Download WASP - Worldwide Aircraft Storage Protection from Eirtech.pdf