Cargo Bay Surveillance System (CBSS)

Install an innovative and cost-effective solution for a CCTV System in Aircraft Cargo Bay Areas. Wirelessly streaming live video to the EFB. Recording up to a minimum of 6 months of video on a Mobile network video recorder (MNVR)

  • Airbus
  • ATR
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Cargo
  • Embraer
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Cargo Bay Surveillance System (CBSS)


We have developed a Cargo Bay Surveillance System designed to assist in eliminating challenges in all areas of the cargo bay, increasing security, safety and protection against theft.

Up to 8HD colour, camera can be connected at one time. Wireless streams from all cameras to Electronic Flight Bag or airline security centre when at the gate.

Eirtech Surveillance solution video demonstration:


  • Innovative, lightweight and cost-effective solution to monitor cargo bay activity
  • Enhance the security of your cargo bay
  • Deterrent against the increasing threat of cargo theft
  • Mobile Network Video Recording - 6 months recording capacity
  • Possible connectivity to terminal via wifi streaming to security centre
  • System wiring can be installed by MRO during routine maintenance checks
  • Vandal proof cameras
  • EASA/FAA Approved Data Package - full installation kit with EASA Form 1


The CBSS also helps eliminate:

  • Unauthorised intrusion of Cargo Bay
  • Security Breaches
  • False insurance claims
  • Personnel performance
  • Theft and tampering with cargo
  • Aircraft damage


Technical Specifications

  • Up to 8 IP Cameras
  • Expandable file storage capability – 4TB to 8TB
  • EASA Minor Modification
  • 12 – 32 VDC Power
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 2 camera option <18W
  • 4 camera option 28W
  • Standalone system
  • Capability to record only when motion detected
  • Capability to stream video to mobile devices (IOS, Android and Windows devices)
  • Date & Time Stamp on video

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