Cabin Pressurisation STC (737)

Install FAA & EASA STC and FAA ‘state of design’ approved AMOC to comply with FAA Airworthiness directives; AD2012-19-11, AD2013-02-5 relating to cabin pressurisation annunciators in the cockpit.

  • Boeing
  • Cockpit
  • STC
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Cabin Pressurisation STC (737)


The Eirtech solution allows the flight crew to differentiate between take off configuration and cabin altitude pressurisation warnings. This solution has been successfully installed for many airlines globally.


  • Convenient & cost effective way to satisfy to AD’s
  • Installation less than 50 man hours
  • Panels can be modified by MRO on site reducing logistical requirements
  • Short lead times

Technical Specifications

  • FAA & EASA STC and FAA ‘state of design’ approved AMOC
  • IAA Innovation Award 2014 

Download Eirtech FAA STC Cabin Pressurisation (737).pdf

Download Eirtech EASA STC Cabin Alt Warning.pdf