Battery On Warning System

This solution can be configured for all aircraft types and requires no STC as it is a minor modificaton. 


The solution package includes: 

  • EASA / FAA approved engineering data package (Service Bulletin, Installation Drawings etc) to install Battery On Warning System
  • Eirtech Installation Kit with EASA Form 1 


  • ATR
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Cockpit
  • Embraer
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Battery On Warning System


Eirtech Aviation Services solution detects if the aircraft battery has been left switched on and is draining with no main power turned on the aircraft.

If after 30 seconds there is no main power on the aircraft the ground warning horn will sound to indicate to ground personnel that the aircraft battery is draining thereby allowing them to either switch off the battery or apply main power, internally or externally, to the aircraft.

The horn automatically stops when main power is applied, or the battery is switched off.



This can prevent the aircraft battery from draining and causing flight delays resulting from having to replace the aircraft batteries if available on site. This will also reduce maintenance costs resulting from a Deep Cycle requirement resulting from a flat battery.

This solution is an EASA approved minor modification that is accepted automatically by the FAA.  The kit weighs less than 0.5 kilo, installation and man hours is dependent on aircraft type. 

Technical Specifications

  • The time delay can be selected for the operator from 15 to 90 seconds.
  • The unit can be installed in various locations as defined by the operator or the DOA
  • The systems senses any main 28v DC bus available on the aircraft.
  • The system requires an Air/Ground sense from the landing gear system.
  • If required, the system can be configured for Helicopter or light aircraft installations (12v or 24v)