ATR Unpaved Runway STC

Fuselage Protection for Unpaved Runway Operations on all ATR 42 / 72 Aircraft

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ATR Unpaved Runway STC


The solution consists in replacing Marbill® coating proposed in the ATR Service Bulletin by the alternate material 3M Tape. Depending on customer request, the protections can be extended to other areas than the ones suggested in the Service Bulletin. The 3M tape is available in different colors and can be painted (tape not included in solution price). The ATR Service Bulletin is a mandatory pre-requisite to allow operations on unpaved runways (dry, wet or contaminated) through the update of operational documentation.


  • Compliance with local regulations
  • No panel removal, on-aircraft modification
  • Maintenance reduction costs (due to reduction of the damage risks)
  • Customizable solution depending on customer need

Technical Specifications

  • STC Package (SB / Installation drawings)
  • Manual Supplements
  • Instructions for continued Airworthiness
  • 8 Week Lead Time
  • Manpower - 24 Hours
  • Weight - 21kg (depending on configuration)
  • Applicability of the modification to each MSN is subject to validation

Download External Change Catalogue - Unpaved Runway Protection STC.pdf