News Article: Effective Aircraft Transition Management

David Dundas of AviTrader discusses effective aircraft transition management with Adrian Lynch, Technical Development Manager of Eirtech Aviation Services.

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Reducing the Headaches of Aircraft Transitions

The True Value of Effective Aircraft Transition Management By David Dundas

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Eirtech Aviation Services based in Shannon, Ireland specialise in dealing with outsourced aspects of aircraft transitions and the company noticed that many airlines and leasing companies were able to choose whether or not to partially or fully outsource certain aspects of the aircraft transition process as a consequence of the dramatic increase in aircraft transactions. Adrian Lynch, Technical Development Manager at Eirtech Aviation, commented: “Outsourcing helps the airlines and lessors manage increased workloads efficiently, especially during times of uncertainty and rapid changes in fleet composition. During current and past COVID periods every company is victim to rapid changes of staff availability so engaging a third-party service provider like Eirtech Aviation ensures risk mitigation in such circumstances.”

Adrian Lynch at Eirtech understands, very clearly, that there is a crucial role to be played by project management professionals in the aircraft transition field as they bring with them specialized knowledge, skills, and industry insights that contribute to a successful outcome. Some of these skills and experience include conflict resolution, legal and contractual considerations, and specific aircraft type technical knowledge. He points out that: “By being adept at identifying potential risks associated with aircraft transitions they can conduct thorough risk assessments, develop mitigation strategies, and help organizations navigate uncertainties effectively, hence minimizing delay disruptions and associated extra costs.” He is also very clear on the value of highly skilled professionals in the area of aircraft transition management. “Technical experts provide critical support in evaluating the physical condition of an aircraft, overseeing maintenance activities, and ensuring that the aircraft and the maintenance records meet the required standards. Engaging experienced external professionals is often seen as an investment in achieving a smooth and successful aircraft transition. With the right people engaged, their contributions can add huge value at various stages of the process, ensuring that the transition is well-managed and resourced, regulatory compliant, cost-effective, and aligned with the organization's strategic goals.” See Eirtech Aviation Services' full list of services here.

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Adrian Lynch - Technical Development Manager, Eirtech Aviation Services