Aircraft Hand Sanitizer Modification Package

Install hand sanitizer throughout your aircraft with the Eirtech Hand Sanitizer Modification Package

  • Engineering

This EASA / FAA approved minor modification package with Universal Dispenser and Counter Mounted options. Kit includes mounts for lavatories, galleys and bulkheads supplied with EASA Form 1. Mounts designed to accept universal bottle dispenser types.


As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic airlines in future will be required to provide additional passenger and crew protection measures. One option is to install hand sanitizer bottles at various strategic locations around each aircraft. Eirtech Aviation Services have designed a solution to install mounts throughout the aircraft.

Solution includes supply of foaming hand sanitizer. This hand sanitizer is low alcohol and non flammable to meet aircraft OEM requirements.



  • Protect passengers and crew by providing facilities for them to sanitize their hands on the aircraft.

  • Multiple installation locations covered as part of the engineering modification package provided; Galleys, Lavatories, Bulkheads.

  • Fully EASA / FAA approved modification package available. Other approvals available upon request.

  • Short lead times for engineering and kits.

  • Customised packages available to meet customer requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • EASA / FAA Approved Engineering Package

  • Aircraft Installation Kit with EASA Form 1 (5 x mounting brackets and attach fittings, 10 x foaming sanitizer bottles and 1 x 20L sanitizer refill)

  • Weight – approximately 3.5kg per aircraft (fully installed with bottles filled – assume 500ml per bottle)

  • Estimated installation time per aircraft: 2-4 person hours

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