Eirtech Cargo Loading System Cover Selected by Asian and South American Airlines

An Asian and South American Airline have selected the Eirtech Cargo Loading System (CLS) Cover solution for installation on their A319 and A321 aircraft.

  • Engineering

This solution allows A320 family aircraft with a Cargo Loading System installed to be converted for bulk loading purposes. Airlines can then easily and safely store cargo and passenger baggage without affecting the installed CLS system. The solution is completely reversible, is the lightest equivalent solution on the market and can be supplied with EASA and FAA approvals.

Engineering and installation kits are available with short lead times. The installation of this solution takes approximately 4 person-hours allowing airlines to complete the installation on overnight stops thereby avoiding any unnecessary downtime.

For more information on this solution please click here or contact eassales@etas.ie .

Eirtech Aviation Services - CLS Cover


  • Fully reversible solution
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Cost effective
  • Modular solution can be supplied for FWD or AFT Cargo Bays or both