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At Eirtech Aviation we consider the protection of the environment to be an integral part of our business management.  We implement the best environmental practices and pursue policies designed to conserve and recycle, moving away from processes or activities that are harmful to the environment.

In accordance with ISO14001 standards and our Environmental Management SystemEirtech Aviation complies with all relevant applicable legislation and regulations including the requirements of our IIPC license (No.P0497-02).

The disposal of waste is undertaken by approved waste contractors (licensed under statutory regulations).  Our Waste Management Programme policy is that all waste paint and solvents are recycled.

Our Policy

  • Implemente and maintain an Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 standard.
  • Complying with all relevant applicable legislation and regulations including requirements of Eirtech Aviation IPPC licence (No.P0497-02).
  • Achieving continuous improvements in environmental performance and prevent pollution at all costs.
  • Avioid the use of any paint strippers containing chlorinated solvents where alternative paint strippers are acceptable to our customers.
  • Implement environmental management resources as a priority.  Specifically to ensure there is zero emission of solvents to the atmosphere and control of hazardous materials on site.
  • Review the Environmental Management Programme annually and determine objectives and targets in accordance with priorities identified.

For Further information pleases contact: Alan McInerney, Environmental Manager or email: