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Our Approvals

Our Approvals

EASA Part 21J & GCAA Design Organisational Approval (EASA.21J.452, DOA/126)

All designs related to:

  • Cabin Interiors including cargo et cetera.
  • Aircraft Systems.
  • Aircraft Structures.
  • Avionics and Electrical.
  • Paint and Liveries.

EASA Part 21G Production Organisational Approval (E.21G.0002)

  • The manufacture of avionic / electrical cable and wiring looms for installation on aircraft.  
  • The manufacture of metallic parts, such as, mounting structure for avionic components or wiring looms and metallic parts used in aircraft cabin interiors and cargo compartments.
  • The manufacture of aircraft insulation blankets and Engine/Airframe/APU Data Plates.
  • The machining of non metallic parts used in aircraft cabin interiors and cargo compartments.
  • The manufacture of composite parts used in aircraft cabin interiors and cargo compartments

Exterior Aircraft Painting

Interior Cabin Refurbishment (IE.145.048)

  • EASA C6 Rating – Refurbishment of Sidewall Panels, Ceiling Panels, Overhead Bins and Class Divider/Wind Breaker Panels on Boeing B737, B747, B757, B767 & B777 Series Aircraft and Airbus A320 & A330 Series Aircraft.

Graphic Services

  • Supply of professional paint mask livery kits
  • Supply of custom vinyl livery kits
  • Supply of exterior and interior mandatory markings
  • Supply of customised decals and stencils manufactured from drawings or photographs

CAMO Part M (G&I) (IE.MG.113)

  • Aircraft CAMO Continued Airworthiness and Maintenance Management
  • Continued Airworthiness Consultancy
  • Arc Recommendations (Sub Part 1 Approved)
  • Airline and Owner Approvals Start Up and Support
  • Management of Aircraft in Transition and Storage
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Aircraft Surveys and Audits
  • Technical Lease Review
  • Records Review
  • EU Operations Compliance and Review
  • Bermudan Authority Approval

Technical Services

Provide professional technical services to airlines and leasing companies on aircraft transitions, deliveries and redeliveries including:

  • Project Management
  • Record Management
  • Technical Audits & Inspections
  • Engine Management
  • Aircraft Appraisals
  • Planning & Cost Management