Lease return from low cost carrier

Lease return from low cost carrier

Services: Technical

This picture was an aircraft we transitioned on behalf of the customer to Nordstar of Russia and we also completed the interior re-config.

Eirtech Aviation has built up a lot of experience & expertise of taking back almost 20 aircraft on behalf of different leasing companies from a leading low cost carrier. Eirtech have project managed and performed the majority of the actual work to transition the aircraft to 8 new operators all over the world. These projects have been delivered on time and within strict budgets and to different requirements from the new operators. The successful completion of these projects display the breath of offerings that the Eirtech Aviation group was able to fulfil to become a “one stop shop” solution for the leasing companies and the next lessee. Reporting structures, project management and communication tools were deployed which demonstrated the flexibility, responsiveness, professionalism, agility and problem solving capabilities of our experienced people and processes.

The following services were performed:

  • C check overview
  • Modification programme Part 21 Design & Engineering
  • MRO Tendering, negotiation & contracts
  • Aircraft Painting
  • Aircraft Interiors refurbishment
  • Aircraft Records Research
  • CAMO
  • Technical Services
  • Technical Representation
  • Management Oversight