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Eirtech In Seat USB Power Solution

Eirtech In Seat USB Power Solution

Eirtech Aviation Services have developed an In Seat USB Power solution for retrofit onto existing seat types. The increasing use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) on board aircraft means that more and more airline passengers require the ability to charge their devices during flights.

The rising prevalence of Wireless IFE system which require the user to bring their own device in order to access flight specific information, on-board shopping and In Flight Entertainment (IFE) content means that airlines and operators must provide passengers with some way to charge their portable electronic device. Otherwise the ancillary benefits of Wireless IFE systems are negated.

The Eirtech Aviation Services solution includes:

  • Provision of EASA approved modification data package to support:
    • Installation of a 5V High Power USB power outlet into existing seat armrest for economy and business class seat types.
    • Installation of Power Supplies.
    • Installation of between 1 and 3 USB outlets can be installed per triple seat assembly – depending on customer requirements.
  • Manufacture and supply of Eirtech Aviation Services installation kit.

This is an extremely cost effective solution which is easy to install and available within a short timeframe.

Benefits of Eirtech Aviation Services Solution

  • Simple and fast installation under EASA Minor Modification approval.
  • Fully EASA and FAA compliant.
  • Can be installed during scheduled maintenance events or on multiple overnight stops in order to minimise downtime.
  • Silent, fan-less operation.
  • Light weight. Less than 1lb per triple seat assembly.
  • Suitable for installation on multiple aircraft types and multiple seat types.
  • Independent flight crew and cabin crew isolation switch to turn on and off the system as required.
  • Suitable for single aisle and wide body aircraft.
  • Installation kits are in stock and available with short lead times.

Installation Criteria

Assumes aircraft existing seat types are suitable for retrofit. This can be confirmed following a review of the seat type CMM and possible visual inspection of the seats.

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