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Eirtech Dlink+ with CPDLC and ACARS

Eirtech Dlink+ with CPDLC and ACARS

Eirtech Aviation Services have an EASA approved Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for compliance with the Eurocontrol Link 2000+ CPDLC (Controller Pilot Datalink Communications) mandate for Boeing B737 (Classic and NG) and Airbus A320 (A318/19/20/21) Family aircraft.

By 05 February 2020 all aircraft operating at or above FL285 must be equipped with a compliant system to meet the Eurocontrol Link 2000+ mandate.

CPDLC addresses the capacity limits of voice communications in designated European airspace, providing controller and pilots with an air / ground data link. ACARS facilitates communication between flight crew and ground based operations in all phases of flight.

The Eirtech Aviation Services Solution includes:

  • Provision of Eirtech Aviation Services Right to Use (RTU) for the STC (EASA).
  • Provision of EASA approved modification data package for the installation.
  • Supply of Spectralux Dlink+ dual CPDLC and ACARS unit.
  • Manufacture and supply of Eirtech Aviation Services installation kit.

This is an extremely cost effective solution which is easy to install and available within a short timeframe.

This solution has been successfully installed for many airlines and aircraft leasing companies globally who have aircraft operating in Europe.

This installation can be provided for other aircraft types including B757 and B767 upon request.

Benefits of Eirtech Aviation Services solution

  • Eirtech Aviation provide the easiest and most cost effective way to satisfy the CPDLC mandate or to install a standalone ACARS solution.
  • Only one unit to be installed results in easy installation and reduced complexity.
  • The installation kit is manufactured and supplied by Eirtech Aviation Services’ approved POA (Part21G) eliminating the need to contract a third party POA organisation.
  • A 3rd VHF transceiver is built into the unit which means that any existing transceiver can be removed to reduce weight.
  • The engineering data package can be provided to allow for a partial installation of the provisions in the event that the modification is being completed in a non EASA facility.
  • Additional approvals such as FAA can be provided upon request.

Installation Criteria

  • Each aircraft must have the following installed in order for CPDLC to operate.
  • MMR, standalone GPS antenna with a usable output or EGPWS (with suitable Mercury Card).
  • 3rd VHF Antenna.
  • If any of the above items (or the required provisions) are not currently on the aircraft, then Eirtech Aviation Services can provide quotations to install these accordingly.

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