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Cockpit Tablet Mount

Cockpit Tablet Mount

The move towards the Electronic Flight Bag has driven the demand for safe, secure mounting options for IPADS and other tablet devices in the working cockpit area.  Eirtech Aviation offers a flexible, versatile, fixed cockpit mounting solution which offers practicality and security and value for money by negating the need for costly STC's.  This can be fitted securely in a short time frame. 


  • Fits most 10” and 7” tablets in the market, including iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Tab and other tablet devices, giving extreme flexibility in one solution.
  • Released as an EASA minor modification, with EASA Form 1, negating the need for costly STCs.
  • Offers greater security than suction cup mounts and therefore negates potential concerns from Aviation Authorities on the reliability of suction cup fixings.
  • A ‘permanent’ fixing to secondary structure gives the flexibility to fit to a wide variety of aircraft types, meaning one solution per aircraft fleet.
  • May be fitted with or without additional power supply, giving the operator greater choice through dual USB ports.
  • Additional power supply maybe fitted at a later date if required without major disruption.
  • Mount allows for quick and easy removal of the table as and when required.
  • Ball clamp allows for multi-positioning and offers excellent flexibility.
  • Excellent value for money.


Review of aircraft wiring diagrams may be required to confirm suitability.



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