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Boeing 737 Cabin Pressurisation Warning Solution

Boeing 737 Cabin Pressurisation Warning Solution

Eirtech Aviation Services have EASA, FAA and TCCA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for compliance with Boeing airworthiness directives (AD’s), AD2012-19-11 and AD2013-02-05 relating to the installation of Cabin Pressurisation annunciators in the cockpit. This allows the flight crew to differentiate between Take-Off Configuration and Cabin Altitude Pressurisation warnings.

These AD’s have the following mandated compliance deadlines:

  • AD2013-02-05: Due in 2016
  • AD2012-19-11: Due in 2018

The Eirtech Aviation Services solution includes:

  • Provision of Eirtech Aviation Services Right to Use (RTU) for the STC (EASA / FAA / TCCA).
  • Provision of EASA approved modification data package for the installation.
  • Manufacture and supply of Eirtech Aviation Services installation kit.
  • As with the alternative solution, the Eirtech Aviation Services solution does not include the overhaul of the Aural Warning Module.
  • This is an extremely cost effective solution which is easy to install and available within a short timeframe.
  • This solution has been successfully installed for many airlines globally including Southwest Airlines (USA) and Westjet (Canada).
  • Eirtech Aviation Services received the Innovation Award 2014 from the Irish Aviation Authority for this solution.

Benefits of Eirtech Aviation Services Solution

  • Eirtech Aviation Services solution is the most convenient and most cost effective way to satisfy these two AD’s.
  • Offers a cost effective option to the alternative solution.
  • Average installation times are less than 50 man hours which is considerably less than alternative solutions.
  • Modification of the P1-3 and P3-1 panels can be modified by the MRO onsite using the Eirtech Aviation Services solution. This eliminates the requirement to send these panels to a third party for modification and therefore significantly reduces logistical requirements especially for large fleets.
  • Eirtech Aviation Services solution avoids ‘Junction 46’ completely which significantly reduces both the installation time and subsequent follow up testing.
  • Feedback from existing customers is consistently positive and additional orders have followed.
  • Can be installed during scheduled maintenance events or on multiple overnight stops in order to minimise downtime.
  • Installation kits are in stock and available with short lead times.

Installation Criteria

Assumes aircraft are not already provisioned for another solution.

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