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Engineering Services



Eirtech Aviation offers design and certification in Engineering and Project Management services to international airlines, private operators and aviation leasing companies to VVIP and OEM companies.  We can fulfill all your operational and mandatory requirements, we hold Part 21 Design Approvals from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to cover avionics, interior and airframe. 

Our Engineering team at Eirtech Aviation have extensive knowledge and expertize in both EASA and FAA regulatory and operational requirements, and because we are always trouble-shooting and learning and improving our service offering, we are perfectly positioned to offer tailor-made engineering solutions and material/kit support to facilitate most requirements.


DOA EASA.21J.452 & GCAA DOA/126

Eirtech Aviation is an EASA Certified Design Organisation DOA 21J.452 and also holds GCAA Design Organisation, Approval No. DOA/126, to cover our design activities both in Europe and the U. A. E. region.

We also do extensive FAA Approval programs utilising out network of existing DER’s and DAR’s. We have completed major STC’s and minor approval programs as well as EASA and FAA AMOC programs on aircraft types: A320 Family / A330 Family / B737NG / B737CL / ATR72 / B767 / B757 / MD80 / RJ146.

Sample programmes:

  • Interior re-configuration single class / dual class, EEPM change, Emergency Equipment Layouts, Carpet Layout Drawings.
  • Monument and overhead bin layout changes.
  • PSU Layout /Interior Placard and Signs.
  • Aircraft Livery Drawings / Decal and Stencil Kits.
  • Aircraft System Design, Cargo Fire bottle installation ETOPS Pressurization scheduling, CLS Loading System Removal.
  • Avionic suite changes from Honeywell to Rockwell.
  • STC for CPDLC and ACARS installations A320/B737 series / A330 including Kits.
  • HF installs / Fixed and portable ELT installation, ADF, CDSS, EGPWS Callouts, Code Changes.
  • IFE Installations and Removals.
  • Structural Evaluation / Design.
  • STC for Approved PED Operations on commerical aircraft. 


Aircraft and Fleet Engineering

  • We provide aircraft current systems and configuration reviews and aircraft surveys.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of workspace based on customer contractual requirements or jurisdiction in which the aircraft will operate.
  • Provide complete engineering data and kit packages as required with either EASA or FAA approval to meet our customer requirements.
  • Turn key service to manage the engineering package from inception to successful completion on aircraft to ensure required schedule is maintained.


Livery Design and Kit Supply

  • Approved airline livery design and drawings, including engineering order as required.
  • Provide the exterior masking kit and technical markings, decals and other related materials.
  • Kit are manufactured and supplied with EASA Form 1.


Documentation Review

  • Historical technical data review to establish aircraft systems, avionic and structural configuration. This will determine the requirements necessary to be embodied or amended to meet current or future airworthiness and operational regulations within the aircraft's arena of operation.
  • Assist with issuing FAA and/or EASA approvals for modifications which are already embodied but do not have the required EASA-FAA approval.


Interior Reconfiguration

Eirtech Aviation can provide interior reconfiguration packages for commercial aircraft - Airbus and Boeing.

A sample of our services:

  • Interior reconfiguration engineering packages and drawings, such as PSU.
  • Emergency Equipment Engineering Packages.
  • Emergency Escape Path Lighting Configuration changes.
  • Carpet installation drawings.
  • Monument changes and introduction including structural substantiation.
  • IFE/Video system modifications.
  • Burn certification compliance.


Aircraft Modifications

These include avionic modifications from code changes up to:

  • ACARS Installations.
  • ACMS.
  • EGPWS.
  • ELS-EHS.
  • GCAA Approval Certificate. 


Please contact the Eirtech Aviation Services Sales Team ( to discuss further.

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