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Aircraft Finishing




In our interiors workshop at Eirtech Aviation, we have EASA Approval for the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 series aircraft. Our interior shops are tailored for aircraft transitions which can be undertaken on an independent basis or in conjunction with exterior painting requirements, we have an excellent reputation and loyal following for aircraft exterior refinishing

We have: 

  • Sidewall Panel Approval for B737, B767, B747, A320, A330
  • Overhead Bin Repainting Approvals for A320 series

Our interior capabilities encompass a comprehensive range of processes to include but not limited to:

  • Sidewall panel recovering
  • Aerfilm replacement either in situ or on removed bulkheads and monuments
  • Seat cover cleaning on or off the aircraft dependant on material
  • Seat cover replacement, including any relevant combination burn tests
  • Seat overhaul, to include surveys, adjustment to CMM requirements, sourcing of replacement parts
  • Seat cushion replacement, including any relevant combination burn tests
  • Dado panel refurbishment
  • Galley, Toilet and Stowage overhaul
  • Carpet replacement, to both main cabin and vestibules

Download: Eirtech Aircraft Refurbishment Sheet